Bob Clements International recently sponsored a webinar discussing the Dealership of the Future.  Lizzy founder and president, Glenn Hancock, was invited to participate, along with Trevor Allred from Kenect.  The webinar was moderated by BCI’s Sara Hey.  This visionary panel discussed what to watch for, be aware of, and be prepared for to be effective

February 26, 2021
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We’ve been in multiple industries with Lizzy for almost 30 years and during this time we’ve watched very few vendors work towards developing new ways to communicate with their dealers. When this has happened, it usually ends up being a situation where someone is hired allocated internally to figure things out and we end up

We are continually on the gas to improve Lizzy’s performance, adding enhancements based on Customer feedback and suggestions from our Dealers. Power Mower Sales recently asked if Lizzy could be enhanced to isolate and prioritize all web orders from one specific source to be sorted, pulled, processed, & shipped before orders from other interfaces. Lizzy’s