March 31, 2016

Adding a New Employee and Setting up their Profile Step #1: Locate the employee by going to Contacts > Locate Contact. We first want to enter their information in the locate screen, to ensure that they aren’t already in the database. Enter in their first & last names. (Note: Lizzy has a real-time search, so as

January 18, 2013
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Setting up Direct Deposit 1. You need to go to Settings > Accounting > Bank Accounts and setup your (the business’s) bank information. 2. Go to Settings > Payroll > Company. Fill in the information for the ACH bank file that is generated via lizzy (ie: unbalanced ach file; capitalization in the bank file; ODFI

October 4, 2012
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Many times customers have called in and said that they have added a new employee to Lizzy DMS Payroll, the employee can clock in and out but they can’t see the employee in their payroll list to print their time sheets.  To understand the reason behind this problem we first have to consider what Lizzy