We are continually on the gas to improve Lizzy’s performance, adding enhancements based on Customer feedback and suggestions from our Dealers. Power Mower Sales recently asked if Lizzy could be enhanced to isolate and prioritize all web orders from one specific source to be sorted, pulled, processed, & shipped before orders from other interfaces. Lizzy’s

February 25, 2015

nizeX updates the webstore integration options for Lizzy: The following webstore providers integrate DIRECTLY with Lizzy. 3D Cart ARI Endeavor ARI WebsiteSmart D2M (Direct2Manufacturer – this is for distributors/manufacturers) Dealer Spike (Unit inventory only w/details and photos) Magento VNext Providers that integrate directly with Lizzy allow the dealer to see all new orders that have

July 23, 2013
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nizeX currently integrates with a number of shipping vendors, including FedEx and Stamps.com (for USPS shipping). If you’re looking to utilize UPS shipping within your Lizzy™ DMS, just follow the instructions below. First, you’ll need to set up UPS in Lizzy as a contact. Next, click on the contact type and mark UPS as a

June 25, 2009

In Lizzy’s CRM module, you have the ability to create and track shipments. This process is meant for those only utilizing the CRM module and nothing more. For those actually needing a solution to track inventory and schedule orders, Lizzy has a new Inventory and Invoicing system that will be just what you need. In