March 31, 2016

Adding a New Employee and Setting up their Profile Step #1: Locate the employee by going to Contacts > Locate Contact. We first want to enter their information in the locate screen, to ensure that they aren’t already in the database. Enter in their first & last names. (Note: Lizzy has a real-time search, so as

October 22, 2012
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It is imperative that when setting up an employee, you designate a unique email for that employee in Lizzy. Lizzy is driven by the email address for the purposes of logging in and therefore must be unique for each user.  If an employee does not have an email address for you to use, you can simply go to

September 24, 2012
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Manufacturers VS Suppliers There seems to be a lot of confusion when setting up your suppliers in Lizzy. So, let us clarify. Manufacturers make the parts or units. Honda makes Honda parts and units. Toro makes Toro inventory. Since manufacturers make the parts, they number them as well. The numbers are then collected into a