nizeX Update 09.06.2012

Well, after a few months of seeing the old site we decided it was time for another change. Hopefully you’ll like the layout and content provided on the new site better. We’ve also upgraded our contact page and added a new company phone system that allows for a single number dialup to get to support, sales or training. Be patient with us for a few weeks while we get use to the new gear as I’m sure there will be a few problems along the way as there usually are. We’ll work through them as quickly as we can in order to get back to 100%.

Lets talk a minute about the changes to the website and some of the things that have changed. The first area that may effect some customers is the Contact Page which has been redesigned to work a lot smoother as well as ask a few less questions. This should speed up communications with us and also clean up some of the data being collected.

Along these lines though, I want to make sure everyone knows that by far the best way to get support for Lizzy is by clicking the “Support” link at the top right side of the page beside the Logout button. This link provides direct communication with the support department as well as provides you with a dashboard widget to check the status and get updates on your tickets in a more timely manor.

We’ve also reworked a bit of the content to hopefully make the site more attractive to new customers and improved the graphics and layout of some items to make things easier to find. We’ve left the categories links on the main blog to help with locating articles you’re interested in and have added a few quick links to setup trials and get demos.

Now for the phone system. We’ve been trying to use Skype for the last 3 years and its serviced us fairly well. Its lack of being able to transfer calls or to setup call pools though, along with their absolutely terrible customer service has forced us to move to another system. Our new phone system provides each employee with their own extension and phone number but it also allows us to have a support pool that you can transfer into to get the next available rep without having to constantly leave messages. Having said this though, I do want to stress that the best way to get support is through the built in ticketing system because it ensures your problems are properly logged from the start and provides a more streamlined way for us to keep track of things.

As for Lizzy updates there are too many to list. We have delayed the normal weekly pushes in order to rewrite a number of things related to the shipping department and service departments. We’re hoping to be pushing out the next update next week sometime and we’re more than certain the new changes are going to make a number of you very happy. I’ll post an update here before we push that out noting the key things to be aware of but just a few follow:

1) You will be able to create your own bin types now for Parts Counter, Internet/Catalog and Service that will allow you to setup separate parts holding areas for the different types of orders. If you don’t setup a separate section it will continue to fall back to the old method which is what most of you are using today.

2) We are reworking the service department parts requests functions so that the parts are assigned bins to hold the parts from the beginning instead of forcing them to be delivered or held in some unknown area. This won’t effect anyone that wasn’t “Requesting” parts from the parts department but it is a cool feature for those interested.

3) We have new iPhone and Android apps that will be hitting the market within the next few weeks. They are currently in beta testing right now and if all goes well you should see them very soon. They will be free apps so feel free to download and try them out. And as usual, give us some feedback on areas we could improve them.

3) There have been numerous other smaller changes that have been getting done from the start so this next update should have quite a few things for everyone.

We also have a number of big projects that will begin moving along like a totally new chat system that is more tightly integrated as well as adding the ability for you to chat with other dealers that may also be on Lizzy. We’re hoping to finally start wrapping up the web-store stuff very soon as well as a number of other very large projects.

Well, I guess thats enough for now, so have a good one and we’ll see you on the other side.


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