Lizzy Comes Home With You

October 19, 2012
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Starting next month, the Lizzy Business Management System will have the ability to run on your local network without the need of constant contact with our Internet systems.  While we’ve had this ability for some time, we never really pushed it, due to all the extra stuff you got by us managing all your server and data needs.  However, with this newly designed custom solution, we have the ability to offer the same level of support and service but in a compact onsite package.

The newly created “Lizzy Home” system will have the ability to do automatic updates, price files and everything else you’ve grown accustomed to with “Lizzy Remote”.  Depending on your network configuration, you can still operate the system from our mobile CRM solutions, from home and anywhere else you wish.

We are developing plug-in modules for web-store integration, price file updates and more. The solution will be true plug-n-play where we set everything up before shipping it to you and all you have to do is plug it in and set some bookmarks in your browsers.  The rest is handled by our professional staff here at nizeX, Inc..

Each system includes fully encrypted SSD hard drives, customized encryption keys (needed during reboots), automatic backups, integrated user management console, support interfaces and a lot more. Don’t worry about the Internet going down again with “Lizzy Home”.  There is an extra fee per month for the lease of the server hardware, so contact your sales representative today for more information on “Lizzy Home”.


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