Lizzy ready for Prime Time

It’s official!  Lizzy has been in testing for over a year at multiple companies as well as internally here at Nizex and we finally feel she is ready for deployment to start aiding companies with CRM, PDM and scheduling processes.  While our sales crew is gearing up for the orders and getting the main website touched up, we’re still focused on the other plugins such as Invoicing, AR, AP, Payroll and others.  Each of the additional modules should be getting rolled out shortly as they are all near completion and already in testing.

We’ll be adding more training videos and tutorials to the site in the weeks to come, and please give us your feed back good or bad, especially bad, so that we can work towards having things work the way you think they should.  Even if you’re not ready to purchase now, please let us know why, so that we can work towards having you as a customer in the future.

Nizex operates and adds new processes based solely on User Feedback, so please let us know what you think.  Give us a call today so we can setup a free trial or provide a demonstration walk through to show you how things work.



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