Webstore Integration (updated)

nizeX updates the webstore integration options for Lizzy:

The following webstore providers integrate DIRECTLY with Lizzy.

3D Cart
ARI Endeavor
ARI WebsiteSmart
D2M (Direct2Manufacturer – this is for distributors/manufacturers)
Dealer Spike (Unit inventory only w/details and photos)

Providers that integrate directly with Lizzy allow the dealer to see all new orders that have come into their supported webstore (directly from Lizzy). When they click “retrieve orders” Lizzy will pull those new orders over and create a list of orders, complete with customer information and products from each order. The dealer will go through & verify that the orders are valid. Once they click approve on an order, Lizzy will create the invoice and allow them to handle the packing & shipping processes directly from the software (complete with printing labels through UPS, Stamps.com (USPS), and FedEx). However, the only information that is fed back to the directly linked webstore is tracking information. There is no inventory feed or ability to update cost/MSRP/product info.

There are many dealers who use webstores or websites that do not integrate with Lizzy directly. There are many reasons a webstore/website might not be supported. However, dealers have the option to export a file from their webstore and import it into Lizzy. This is obviously a little more time-consuming than the process for a webstore that’s directly linked, but it’s much less work than needing to enter each invoice manually.

Some of the webstore providers we know can be used successfully with Lizzy, via file import are:
Miva Merchant
Woo Commerce


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