New and Improved Lizzy Updates

We have been hard at work adding new features to Lizzy and improving existing features, to help make the system a bit simpler to use. For those of you that are not aware, we have added a interface with Western Powersports that allows you to send a PO with the click of a button. We also now have the ability to receive a real time inventory feed from Western Powersports (Video 1.6). In addition, we’ve also added an “Availability” link (which can be seen while adding a part to an invoice) that allows you to see whether or not a part may be attached to a unit or on a service ticket. If the supplier has an interface with Lizzy, you will also be able to see warehouse information and inventory quantity of that particular part. This can also be helpful in determining the status of that part and whether or not it may be back-ordered. The “Availability” link is visible whether there is an interface or not, because it’s also looking at your internal inventory (Video 1.4b).

We’ve also added another feature which allows you to link a part to a customer owned unit. If you’re on a parts sale invoice where a unit is attached to the customer record, you will see a new icon that looks like a box with a chain wrapped around it. Upon clicking the icon you will select “Link Item to Unit” or “Link Item to All Units” (if it is an item that would go on multiple units). When techs go to see what has been done to the unit, doing this will give them a bit more information about what’s been done or added to that particular unit, and is visible in the history for that unit (Video 1.10).

Another feature that has been added is the “Also Sell” feature. If you’re in inventory viewing a item, you’ll see a button labeled “Also Sell”. Here you can add parts or items that can be sold in addition to the original item you have selected. Once the parts are added, you will be able to see the additional items that can be purchased with that item while creating an invoice. This gives you the option to have your employees up-sell to the customer or offer the customer recommendations based on what they’ve purchased (Video 1.11).

Finally, we have also added a new icon when doing a parts refund invoice. This icon allows you to tag an item that is being returned to supplier with a click of a button. This eliminates you having to lookup the part and click the green arrow just to send the part back to the supplier. Just click the new icon button and you’re done (Video 1.12).

-The nizeX Team

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