Lizzy simplifies doing business with WPS

Western Power Sports is the fastest growing nationwide delivery system of Powersports industry products.

We continually enhance Lizzy to provide the best tools for you, the Dealer… so you can provide the best service to your Customers. #csi

Lizzy DMS connects directly to Western Power Sports. Looking up a WPS part number in Lizzy not only shows quantity-on-hand in your Dealership inventory, but also QOH at all six of WPS warehouses… so you know availability and approximate days-to-receive if Special Ordered for your Customer.

Lizzy’s WPS integration also provides the simplicity of ‘one click’ Parts Ordering. Think of the accuracy and time savings! When you have your WPS parts Purchase Order ready, simply ‘click’ to send the order from Lizzy.

– no more “download a file”, connect to WPS, “upload a file” for every WPS parts order
– no more typing in WPS part numbers to order

“Lizzy is light years ahead of any DMS out there.”

We are pleased with our partnership with WPS… and with comments like this from a senior WPS associate, WPS and our mutual Dealership Customers feel the same.

Simplify your WPS business with Lizzy!

– how to setup your Lizzy interface with WPS

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Kevin Stevenett

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