Lizzy is a Nifty 50 Winner!

Lizzy and her info widgets caught the attention of the editors at Powersports Business magazine. We’re thrilled to be selected, and be included among the best 2020 has to offer the industry… and Lizzy is the only DMS in the ranks!

Lizzy from nizeX, Inc. is a complete web-based DMS, providing seamlessly integrated tools between departments for CRM, Lead Management, Parts, Service, Sales, F&I, real-time Accounting, Payroll, Reporting, Rental, & Consignments.  Lizzy’s Home screen empowers each user with individually selected widgets of information, which Lizzy keeps current in real-time.

Lizzy Widgets are selected by department, with user preferences in size, details, and color while representing individual employees or a group.  For example, a Sales Manager how many daily sales calls/ups/contacts each sales person has logged compared to the entire sales team.  The Parts Manager  can easily see a list of open invoices, special orders received/not picked up, vendor orders needing to be placed.  Service can show work complete, ready for pickup, with links right into repair orders & customer info.

Lizzy includes email, optional texting, integrated efiche with top providers, and more.  OEM approved, month-to-month agreement, you own your data, multilingual, lowest DMS entry in the industry includes data conversion from your current system. Monthly SaaS includes unlimited Customer Support, Lizzy Updates, and unlimited OEM/Vendor parts price files & updates.  Contact Lizzy for a free test drive.

Kevin Stevenett

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