Lizzy Listens, Responds & Enhances!

We are continually on the gas to improve Lizzy’s performance, adding enhancements based on Customer feedback and suggestions from our Dealers.

Power Mower Sales recently asked if Lizzy could be enhanced to isolate and prioritize all web orders from one specific source to be sorted, pulled, processed, & shipped before orders from other interfaces.

Lizzy’s development team quickly addressed this critical situation, and had a solution for Power Mower Sales to test within a few hours. Testing went so well, that they were pulling 50 orders at a time in no time… and later forwarded this picture.

To the entire Power Mower Sales Team… Thank you for your THANK YOU!

note: this enhancement will be in an upcoming release for all Lizzy dealers. Lizzy releases several updates per month, and automatically in place for our Dealers.

Kevin Stevenett

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