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We’ve been in multiple industries with Lizzy for almost 30 years and during this time we’ve watched very few vendors work towards developing new ways to communicate with their dealers. When this has happened, it usually ends up being a situation where someone is hired allocated internally to figure things out and we end up with a mess. In a few cases, such as with BRP, they end up hiring a consulting company and we end up with a huge mess that takes business system vendors a year or more to finish, due to all the unnecessary work involved. In this blog post we’re going to be discussing a system that we actually created many years ago, but that we feel is an absolute necessity going forward.

First a little background: As a Business Management System vendor, we are quite literally forced to build interfaces to anyone that has one. This means we have methods from Emailing reports to vendors every night, Uploading them to websites, sending through REST Interfaces, SOAP interfaces, JSON and all sorts of other custom processes that some person at each vendor decided was “Good Enough”. As you can imagine, this only amplifies as more vendors make the decision to move forward on some project they’ve only just begun to consider.

So while all of this is brand new to whomever gets the task to develop it, it is not brand new to us nor to any of the other Business Management System vendors we compete with. Where a vendor only sees their problems and processes, we’re able to see and compare them all to each other. As a result, we’re able to better develop a solution that covers all the bases but does so in a way that keeps our lives simple.

We call this solution Merx, and it uses the latest technology to transfer data back and forth between dealers and their vendors. It encompasses all of the fields and data currently being transferred in other vendor processes to date and we’re able to upgrade it to include as many other ideas we come up with in the future.

The best part about Merx though is that it is totally free to anyone that wants to use it, and the API can be found linked below. The even better part about it though is that all of the Business Management System vendors can write to the API and then any vendor that supports it will have instant access to all of their dealers no matter which business system they happen to use.

We have a personal goal to have all of the Business System Vendors supporting this interface in 2021 and we make here the promise that we will never personally charge anything for its use… ever…

Once we have the Business Management System vendors on board for supporting the API, we will then work with our dealer base and vendors to let them know there is a very capable free solution that already does exactly what they need it to do. Join us in this fight and lets make 2021 the year that we finally woke the vendors up to the idea of communicating fluidly with their dealers and that it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here is the link to the Merx API Documents

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