April 26, 2018
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Lizzy has just completed its latest integration with Polaris! Lizzy is proud to be a Polaris-approved Dealer Management System. This partnership provides you with frequently used Polaris information right within Lizzy. This information is similar to what you access on PolarisDealers.com (DEX), but with the convenience of having it right at your fingertips in Lizzy!

September 22, 2017

Ok, this is going to be as REALLY short blog entry lol Wyoming Sales Tax is VERY simple. They have a State tax rate and each county has it’s own local tax rate.  The two added together make the total tax rate. There is not a Battery or Tire Disposal Fee Note worthy:  Out-bound Shipping

September 21, 2017

California Sales Tax is actually surprisingly straight forward. With that said there ARE a couple of things worth noting: 1) It is VERY common to lump Shipping & Handling onto the same line on an invoice.  And because Handling is taxable the State of California considers that line item to be taxable.  Here is a

June 27, 2017

Ok, so, Virginia is a bit funky when it comes to Sales Tax. First, a few notables: There is not a traditional State Sales Tax in Virginia.  They have a Motor Vehicle Tax and a NON-Motor Vehicle Tax There is a minimum tax of $75 on Motor Vehicles There is a Tire Recycling Fee of

June 26, 2017

Ok, where to start with Washing Sales Tax …. Let’s start with the basics.  Washington can have up to 4 tax rates that make up the Total Tax Rate:  State, County, City, and the Motor Vehicle Use Tax The local rates (County & City can, and will, vary depending on if the customer’s address is

June 26, 2017

Actually, Nevada Sales Tax is one of the very simplest in the union. Nevada has a State Tax (currently 6.85%) and SOME Counties have a local tax as well. Notables: Labor is NOT taxable Freight/Shipping/Delivery Fees are NOT taxable Dealer DOC Fees are NOT taxable So, what IS taxable in Nevada? Jobs: Shop Materials +

June 22, 2017

Ok, so, Florida Sales Tax, for the most part is not too complicated.  But, it DOES have its quirks – believe me!  Follow along  🙂 Points of Interest: FL DOR = Florida Department of Revenue County Surtax (also known as Discretionary Tax).  As it turns out, this is quite complicated lol Not all counties have

June 21, 2017

Sales Tax in New Jersey is pretty straightforward with the exception of a Watercraft sale.  Let’s get the ground work out of the way first then we will tackle the Watercraft Tax. Tax Rates: State Sales & Use Tax Rate is currently 6.875%.  This dropped from 7% on January 1st, 2017 Watercraft Sales get taxed