May 31, 2017

To help our Tech Support assist you when you have questions, we ask that all nizeX customers download nizeX Remote and Mikogo on their primary computers. This will allow our Tech Support to view the exact issue you are experiencing and solve your issue faster. To install nizeX Remote, please follow these steps. (Please note,

March 23, 2017

We often get requests to integrate with different companies as our customers wish to share their information with their manufacturers or other businesses (such as marketing firms). To make this process faster & easier, we’ve fully documented our Lizzy-API process so that any company a customer chooses can connect to their specific Lizzy database for the

April 6, 2016

Within the past few months, we’ve heard from a number of customers that had bought new gift cards that weren’t working properly with Lizzy. Previously, we have not needed to specify gift card formatting, as gift card providers were using the same formatting as that used for credit cards. We’re not sure why, but that

March 31, 2016

Adding a New Employee and Setting up their Profile Step #1: Locate the employee by going to Contacts > Locate Contact. We first want to enter their information in the locate screen, to ensure that they aren’t already in the database. Enter in their first & last names. (Note: Lizzy has a real-time search, so as

March 18, 2016

Lizzy now interfaces with Channel Advisor to pull your new orders from your Channel Advisor account to Lizzy. The setup process is quick & easy. From your Lizzy database, go to Settings  >  Webstore  >  Setup Webstore Interface. Add Channel Advisor as an interface. Under the Delimiter heading, choose Channel Advisor from the drop down

February 24, 2016

Since the early days of Lizzy, we wanted to give you the ability to run your business from anywhere. That’s why Lizzy was the first complete DMS to be web-based and allow users to login from a smart phone or tablet. Essentially, anywhere you can access a browser, you can run Lizzy! Simply login as