Lizzy’s Finance & Insurance module is the perfect complement to Sales and Serialized Unit Management.  Lizzy provides a complete F&I toolset that is seamlessly integrated with Lizzy CRM, Parts, Service, and Accounting departments.

With Lizzy, easily quote payments and terms to your customer, whether a single unit sale, or a deal with several units and a trailer.  Easily look up and add parts that require installation labor.  Include accessories, helmets and other gear into the equation.  Add an extended service contract.  Does your buyer have one or more trades to add to the numbers?  Lizzy makes it simple to add multiple trades. Lizzy automatically calculates payments based on zip code-based sales tax, fees and selected lender terms.

Lizzy’s F&I includes profitable and time saving features like Menu Selling for marketing third-party protection products.  Lizzy integrates with industry credit and finance leaders like 700Credit* and CUDL*.  Lizzy ensures you are conforming to regulations with real-time 700Credit Compliance dashboard connectivity.

One click, and Lizzy confirms your numbers onscreen to ensure profitability… front end, back end, along with detailed commissions breakdown for sales personnel and others involved in the deal.


Lizzy includes a comprehensive F&I Forms Library.  Likely, the form you need has already been programmed for you.  Choose your forms from categories like MSOs, Buyer’s Order, retail sale installment contracts, your State’s DMV registration forms, and so much more.  One click selects the designated form.  Lizzy can print the entire form to a laser printer, or fill in the blanks on any pre-printed multi-copy form to an impact printer.  Selected forms are ready to be accurately printed in your deal with a simple click.  Our team can custom program your unique forms, too.

Lizzy is authorized by Reynolds & Reynolds to electronically print the LAW553* form to .pdf format.


Some of the specific Finance & Insurance features available in Lizzy are:

  • Lizzy CRM integration – easily go from online/in-store Lead to Quote to Sold!
  • Complete integration with Lizzy’s Parts, Service, Accounting departments
  • Unit Sales Dashboard showing Quotes, Sales Deals, Unit POs, and more
  • Menu Selling – easily market Extended Warranty & Protection Products
  • Credit Life / Disability options
  • Credit Bureau integration with 700Credit* – pull credit bureaus in-store
  • Credit Union Direct Lending* integration with over 1100 credit unions
  • Payment Calculations in real time
  • Deferred Down, Out The Door rollback, and Buy Here / Pay Here capabilities
  • View Recap with Profitability and Commissions breakdown
  • Forms Printing – laser and pre-printed form impact printing
  • Lizzy retains Sales History – sold unit easily recalled during Service visits



* third-party fees and subscriptions may be required